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Who We Are


Our Mission

"to inspire and help you celebrate and navigate life's significant moments"





We are professional Celebrants, educated and trained to serve our community. We would be happy to assist you and your loved ones in creating customized ceremonies to honor life's milestones and crossroads such as, weddings, renewal of vows, coming of age ceremonies, new life celebrations and adoptions, memorials and end of life tributes, retirements, job transitions or any occasion that is important to you personally.

As Celebrants it is our mission to work closely with you in creating a ceremony that reflects your tastes and values. We are also happy to assist you in planning aspects of your ceremony such as location, music and rituals. We encourage you to draw on any traditions, non-religious or religious, which are meaningful to you. Your Celebrants will guide you and assist you in paying homage to your life’s achievements, your wonderful times, and the meaningful relationships of your life, as well as to the most difficult passages you have endured.


Our Training

Rosanne & Wayne Prevett are the founders of Celebrating Life Ministries and together they have officiated at thousands of life celebrations. Since CLM's inception Wayne & Rosanne have trained dozens of passionate people in their unique style and approach. Celebrating Life Celebrants are the most sought after Life celebrants in Ontario.





Every Celebration of Life Celebrant:

  • Is trained to officiate each specific celebration

  • Is certified by a team of qualified and experienced celebrants through Certified Celebrants Association of Canada-CCAOC

  • Maintains a high level of personal improvement through reading, training videos and training sessions

  • Is evaluated annually by a team of qualified training professional

  • Adheres to the code of ethics and standards of CCAOC

  • Every Celebrant that joins our team is carefully evaluated to assure that they are a perfect fit. Once we are confident that they are a good fit we train each one individually according to their areas of interest and passion.