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Our Services

We specialize in the following Life Celebrations:

 New Life Celebrations

A New Life Celebration is to celebrate the arrival of a new baby. Our celebrations offer a variety of different options depending on the life and faith practices of  the family we are serving. Our web site offers many resources to help plan the perfect new life celebration.



 Wedding Ceremonies

We officiate the actual ceremony by providing memorable, professional wedding ceremonies. Our web sites offer an endless amount of resource to help each couple design the ceremony that reflects their interests and passions. Our team of celebrants performs over a 1500 wedding ceremonies each year across Ontario and have in turn build solid working relationships with many of Ontario's top wedding professionals.



 Renewal of Vows Ceremonies

 Providing special renewal of vow ceremonies.



Funeral Services

We officiate and give direction to actual the funeral service



Memorial Services

It has been our privilege to lead memorial services for annual events at funeral homes and agencies such as the cancer society and  lung association



Other Celebrations

Our team of celebrants have been involved in new house blessings, the blessing of the nets prior to the fishing season, new business blessings and many other special occasions